Doggie Washerette Profile

Doggie Washerette Profile

The Doggie Washerette LLC is a full service dog grooming facility. No cookie-cutter, assembly line service here! We realize each dog has individual needs and we strive to meet theirs and yours.

If your pet is experiencing skin and coat challenges, we are pleased to announce that Ethel Taylor is now a Certified Pet Aesthetician (there are less than 50 in the Country at the moment! ) as well as a Certified All-Breed Dog Groomer.

We price by breed and special needs. A la carte nail filing available, $20. Appointments only.

"Is washing your doggie at home causing you to fret? Bring your doggie to the DOGGIE WASHERETTE!"

Doggie Washerette, LLC
2130 Sudbury Pl NW
Washington, DC 20012
(202) 629-1823 shop, (202) 725-5403 cell/text
Twitter: @doggiewasherett