Welcome to Shepherd Park Citizens Association – SPCA!

Welcome to Shepherd Park Citizens Association - SPCA!

Shepherd Park is a thriving, friendly, diverse and historic neighborhood in the District of Columbia. We are located in the northern "point" of DC above Aspen Street, NW between Georgia Avenue and Rock Creek Park. In addition to Shepherd Park, we include the old Walter Reed Hospital site and the Colonial Village and North Portal Estates neighborhoods. They are located between 16th Street and Rock Creek Park.

We have many long-time residents and many recent arrivals, but everyone shares a love for our beautiful area, with its abundance of trees, gardens and architectural styles.

Shepherd Park was founded in the 19th century when the District's territorial governor, Alexander "Boss" Shepherd, built his summer mansion here. Since then, it has grown into a neighborhood that celebrates its diversity and friendliness. Shepherd Park has many unique and convenient characteristics. It is home to many families whose children attend our excellent local school, Shepherd Elementary, as well as families whose children attend one of the local private schools. We also have a vibrant variety of local houses of worship.

The Shepherd Park Citizens Association is a membership organization serving residents of our area. The association's mission is to improve the quality of life for Shepherd Park residents. We hold regular membership meetings during which members discuss issues such as the schools, public safety, property, and the environment.

SPCA sponsors many special local events, including an annual community picnic, yard sale, potluck dinner, and garden tour, and a Halloween parade. We also host candidate forums for local elections. To keep our neighbors informed, we maintain this website and publish a quarterly newsletter. Although not sponsored by the SPCA, the neighborhood also has a very active e-mail list-serve.

We encourage anyone interested in the Shepherd Park Citizens Association to join. Feel free to contact a member of the Board using the information on this website to ask questions or learn more about what we do for one of DC's best neighborhoods. You are welcome to attend any of our events listed on our calendar.